Is it hot or is it just me?

The flames were just deviantly brilliant, this one night I was burning stuff, so I took out my camera and caught a few licks 😉 Hehehe… Also in this set were a few… Continue reading

Where’s your head at?

This is a sign on the walls of a cave in Diani…I was very grateful for the sign seeing as I’m 6’4″ 🙂 The other sign was inside the little plane that we… Continue reading

Top Mondeoz…. (^_^)

They were created on a sunny day with butterflies and rainbows in the background….I’m just saying =) Ps: Feel free to click the like button below or tweet about it or even post… Continue reading

Raindrops! (really, it’s raindrops….)

So it was raining and so I was stuck in the house so the camera stayed indoors and this is what came out. Check it out.

So fresh…HDR

So I’ve been hearing a lot about HDR photography lately so I decided to try it out and see, like Stevie Wonder says, “So what the FUSS!” =) Check it out and tell… Continue reading

Kitt and Martin : Portraits

This past Sunday, I got to work with one of my favorite couples, if not my favorite. Kitt and Martin, the dynamic duo! We had lunch and shortly after had this shoot. I must say,… Continue reading

My Risotto….

So I like to cook and I must say, so far, I haven’t killed myself or anyone else for that matter. Anyway, this is a mushroom risotto that I made last week and… Continue reading

Road Rage!

So after a few hours of walking around in the City of Sun (NAIROBI: I swear, it’s been so hot lately I’m thinking of moving to the coast seeing as they have the… Continue reading


So a few weeks ago, I was seated at home really bored and the plants outside had just been watered so I grabbed my camera and went on a little field trip into… Continue reading


I was sitting in the house then I felt inspired and then this came out when I took pictures. I really like the effect of leaving the shutter open for long periods of… Continue reading

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