Converse-ation in 「Tokyo」ときょお

This will be my longest post ever so I’ll get right to it: Location : Akihabara Electronic District, Tokyo, Japan. Date : Sometime in May 2010 Subject: Converse sneakers [more popular in Tokyo… Continue reading

Eli and Ileho

So a few weeks back I’d mentioned a plateau of sorts that i’d hit but now i think i’m over that…here is a set i did of one of my very good friends,… Continue reading

Rainbow Lizard Gets Devoured By Ants!

The title says it all! ……………………………. But just in case it doesn’t: this was a dead lizard that was being devoured by some ants in Ileho, Kakamega County. It was gone in a… Continue reading

The Face of Music

Open Mic, hosted by Adelle, is always a great event to be at even though I lost my VIP status there (paid to get in, hehe) i still had a blast and the… Continue reading

Need for speed! Vroooommm, pftshhhhh-ness (-_-)

Of the things I am passionate about (food, cars, photography, aviation, books….lol, i kid! BOOKS!?) the car has got to be my current obsession and is top on my wishlist. That or a… Continue reading

Pic of the Day: Double Rainbow! -_-

I do believe I had never seen one of these in real life until the day I took this pictrue and I must say I was very excited about it…let me know what… Continue reading

Part 3: The Performers

And here is the final installment of my 3 day upload that is ‘The Performers’ so have a look, share, like, comment and so on…

Part 2: Kids at Events

So whenever I’m at an event taking photos, I always look for the most relaxed people because they naturally take great photos. More often than not, the kids accompanying the adults are more… Continue reading

Blankets and Wine – Part 1: The People

So I went to blankets and wine the other day (under protest) and the photographic experience was cool even while I froze to hunger (no, not to death) in my shorts. But later… Continue reading

Self portraits….

So a little bit of time, my 100mm macro, RC-6 remote, sunshine, and a little photoediting and voila. Been trying to put up more photos that have been heavily edited (reluctantly) so tell… Continue reading

Japan | My Second Home

So while I was going through some of my archives, I realized that I still have a whole load (we’re talking over 5,000 pictures) that I took when I bought my first DSLR [only DSLR… Continue reading

Sana Sana, Kurly Kichana

I know I only just posted an update but this week I’m feeling fired up to post another awesome set (at least i think it is) that was done about two weeks ago… Continue reading

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