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The Unveiling….

Sounds like a horror movie title doesn’t it? Hehe, well that’s okay. So anyway, after thinking long and hard, I decided that I’ll use something a little older for my logo. I liked… Continue reading

Things I can see from K.I.C.C. [Part Juan]

Hey, so you may or may not know that my hard disks recently (2 months ago) decided that I didn’t need what was stored on them and proceeded to get corrupted. Needless to… Continue reading

Just for Friday….

Here’s two pictures to get you on your way today…..

Eli and Ileho

So a few weeks back I’d mentioned a plateau of sorts that i’d hit but now i think i’m over that…here is a set i did of one of my very good friends,… Continue reading

Need for speed! Vroooommm, pftshhhhh-ness (-_-)

Of the things I am passionate about (food, cars, photography, aviation, books….lol, i kid! BOOKS!?) the car has got to be my current obsession and is top on my wishlist. That or a… Continue reading

Japan | My Second Home

So while I was going through some of my archives, I realized that I still have a whole load (we’re talking over 5,000 pictures) that I took when I bought my first DSLR [only DSLR… Continue reading

Teri and her Mom

Recently, I got to do a very interesting shoot. I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone in terms of my photography and my subjects (which, seeing as it’s so comfortable,… Continue reading

Tawi on the plains

This was a really fun shoot to do despite having twisted my foot earlier that week. We went hiking to the plains, got almost chased by wild donkeys and ended up with some… Continue reading

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