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Self portraits – the remix

So the other day, I had the opportunity, rather, I took the opportunity to revisit my self portraits from last year. I didn’t really like them and I needed some for some work… Continue reading

Training day with Shazzie

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! Welcome to the post apocalyptic era of 2013. I hope you all survived the end of the world. This will be my first post of the new year and… Continue reading


Recently did a shoot with some very good friends of mine, people I’ve known for years, and it was a very interesting experience. Most of all because I was NOT, I repeat, NOT… Continue reading

Alice and Benson

Hey all, it’s been a minute but as always I am back. Work is like food, you need to share it to enjoy it and also know when to save it  for later.… Continue reading

Glow 2 Guys

It’s been a minute but I promise you only big things have been happening. It’s been a very exciting past couple of weeks and I’ve had some seriously awesome shoots with some seriously… Continue reading

Concours d’Elegance

So I was at the Ngong Racecourse the Sunday before last enjoying the classic cars that were being paraded and the motorbikes as well. I think we need more classic car enthusiasts to… Continue reading

Le festival du fromage et du vin!

You’ll have to read the title of this post in a French accent otherwise you won’t get it 🙂 hehehe I was at the Cheese and Wine festival at Impala the weekend before… Continue reading


I was helping out a friend of mine while he was shooting some videos for his show called nkt_NEWS and it was quite the experience. Cinematography is a very exciting form of art. You… Continue reading

The Unveiling….

Sounds like a horror movie title doesn’t it? Hehe, well that’s okay. So anyway, after thinking long and hard, I decided that I’ll use something a little older for my logo. I liked… Continue reading

Kate and Thomas’ black & white wedding…

Hey people, I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back now to let you know what I’ve been up to.   We covered a wedding recently at the Hilton hotel and this… Continue reading

My first self portrait…project! [‘-_-‘]

Something I’m always struggling with when doing a self portrait is how to maintain photographic integrity. I like to be able to see my subject in the view finder before taking the photos… Continue reading

Project Silhouettes

I’ve always been a fan of silhouettes [it gets harder and harder to type!] and recently I had the opportunity to do just that  and though they are a little rough around the… Continue reading

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