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Less is more – BBQ Fest III

Today, there is not much to say. I was at the Barbeque Fest at Splash over the weekend and I thought you might like these shots I managed to get at the event.… Continue reading

Muffins are us!

So I’ve been kinda busy lately so I figure it’s only fair to share with you what I have been up to. Some of you may or may not have heard of The… Continue reading

The Face of Music

Open Mic, hosted by Adelle, is always a great event to be at even though I lost my VIP status there (paid to get in, hehe) i still had a blast and the… Continue reading

Need for speed! Vroooommm, pftshhhhh-ness (-_-)

Of the things I am passionate about (food, cars, photography, aviation, books….lol, i kid! BOOKS!?) the car has got to be my current obsession and is top on my wishlist. That or a… Continue reading

Japan | My Second Home

So while I was going through some of my archives, I realized that I still have a whole load (we’re talking over 5,000 pictures) that I took when I bought my first DSLR [only DSLR… Continue reading

My Hiatus….

I won’t win any blogging awards for the number of posts i put up daily but then again I don’t really want an award for that. Sorry I’ve not posted in a while… Continue reading

Purp & Yello

So we had a few minutes in the sun seeing as it’s been raining recently so I took advantage of it. Take a gander 🙂

Coming soon….

Looking forward to the new week with new posts…keep an eye out

Working with new lenses! :-)

Well I recently bought a few accessories for my camera and these are the first of the photos to be taken with the new lenses. Do you notice any difference in the image… Continue reading

Is it hot or is it just me?

Is it hot or is it just me?.

New posts coming soon! =)

I’ve been gone for a minute but this is what I was up to. More coming soon…..

Is it hot or is it just me?

The flames were just deviantly brilliant, this one night I was burning stuff, so I took out my camera and caught a few licks 😉 Hehehe… Also in this set were a few… Continue reading

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