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Recently did a shoot with some very good friends of mine, people I’ve known for years, and it was a very interesting experience. Most of all because I was NOT, I repeat, NOT… Continue reading

Things I can see from K.I.C.C. [bonificación]

These were some other shots that didn’t fit into the other posts so here they are now in the bonificación [Español for bonus] post. I sent a tweet-out to see if anyone wanted to… Continue reading

Things I can see from K.I.C.C. [part dos]

Here’s the second part of the photos I took at the K.I.C.C. helipad. The sun was almost setting so the haze was AWESOME! Also, there was some strange smog/fog stuff that I think… Continue reading

Things I can see from K.I.C.C. [Part Juan]

Hey, so you may or may not know that my hard disks recently (2 months ago) decided that I didn’t need what was stored on them and proceeded to get corrupted. Needless to… Continue reading

Kitt and Matrin

Hey peeps, been gone for a minute but I’m back. Not to worry though as I have been working very hard [:-) hehe] to bring you some new images. So, today’s post! My… Continue reading

Less is more – BBQ Fest III

Today, there is not much to say. I was at the Barbeque Fest at Splash over the weekend and I thought you might like these shots I managed to get at the event.… Continue reading

Just for Friday….

Here’s two pictures to get you on your way today…..

Eli and Ileho

So a few weeks back I’d mentioned a plateau of sorts that i’d hit but now i think i’m over that…here is a set i did of one of my very good friends,… Continue reading

Rainbow Lizard Gets Devoured By Ants!

The title says it all! ……………………………. But just in case it doesn’t: this was a dead lizard that was being devoured by some ants in Ileho, Kakamega County. It was gone in a… Continue reading

Need for speed! Vroooommm, pftshhhhh-ness (-_-)

Of the things I am passionate about (food, cars, photography, aviation, books….lol, i kid! BOOKS!?) the car has got to be my current obsession and is top on my wishlist. That or a… Continue reading

Part 3: The Performers

And here is the final installment of my 3 day upload that is ‘The Performers’ so have a look, share, like, comment and so on…

Part 2: Kids at Events

So whenever I’m at an event taking photos, I always look for the most relaxed people because they naturally take great photos. More often than not, the kids accompanying the adults are more… Continue reading

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