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Less is more – BBQ Fest III

Today, there is not much to say. I was at the Barbeque Fest at Splash over the weekend and I thought you might like these shots I managed to get at the event.… Continue reading

Muffins are us!

So I’ve been kinda busy lately so I figure it’s only fair to share with you what I have been up to. Some of you may or may not have heard of The… Continue reading

Rainbow Lizard Gets Devoured By Ants!

The title says it all! ……………………………. But just in case it doesn’t: this was a dead lizard that was being devoured by some ants in Ileho, Kakamega County. It was gone in a… Continue reading

Blankets and Wine – Part 1: The People

So I went to blankets and wine the other day (under protest) and the photographic experience was cool even while I froze to hunger (no, not to death) in my shorts. But later… Continue reading

Japan | My Second Home

So while I was going through some of my archives, I realized that I still have a whole load (we’re talking over 5,000 pictures) that I took when I bought my first DSLR [only DSLR… Continue reading

My Risotto….

So I like to cook and I must say, so far, I haven’t killed myself or anyone else for that matter. Anyway, this is a mushroom risotto that I made last week and… Continue reading

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