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Recently did a shoot with some very good friends of mine, people I’ve known for years, and it was a very interesting experience. Most of all because I was NOT, I repeat, NOT… Continue reading

Le festival du fromage et du vin!

You’ll have to read the title of this post in a French accent otherwise you won’t get it 🙂 hehehe I was at the Cheese and Wine festival at Impala the weekend before… Continue reading

Pulse Shoot – Flirty

Another one from the Saturday morning portrait shoot I had recently. Her name is Flo but we call her Flirty for reasons only she and Jairus know! 🙂 All this work, commissioned by Joogz… Continue reading

Pulse Shoot – Shelmith

Hey people, hope you’re having a great day today and welcome to today’s post. I knoe It’s hard to believe, “3 posts in 3 days!” Incredible but true! Hehe 🙂 😀 This is… Continue reading

Pulse shoot – Behind the scenes

As promised, another day, another post. Some of you may have noticed that I had one of my photos published on the cover of The Pulse two weeks ago. That was cool for… Continue reading

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