Training day with Shazzie

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! Welcome to the post apocalyptic era of 2013. I hope you all survived the end of the world. This will be my first post of the new year and I’m excited to share with you my work this year and to grow, learn and improve everyday.

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On to the business then. I’ve wanted to do photos at the railway museum ever since I saw this post by the guys from Magiq Lens and I thought to myself, “How cool is that!” I’ve seen a lot of photos done there and frankly, didn’t think to much of them as the photos were just photos. Nothing interesting or exciting.

So after that shot of inspiration, I looked for a very beautiful girl I know and asked her if she’d like to model. She said yes and we set it up. Luckily, I caught her before she left for her masters. These are the products of our alliance.

Go. Now. Enjoy!