Recently did a shoot with some very good friends of mine, people I’ve known for years, and it was a very interesting experience. Most of all because I was NOT, I repeat, NOT taking photos but was charged with looking pretty for the camera. Of course I had my trusty steed [read camera], Exskaliba [say it like Trevor Noah] so I got some shots as well.

Shout out to Rambo, Nikole, Ndisha, Ndinda, and the guys at iborian [ follow them on twitter.com/iborian_ ]

Enjoy. More photos coming soon.

Iborian Tees-001

We got to play around in the abandoned shell of what used to be a house and I got to play with a SUPER WIDE 14mm Samayang lens. This thing is not for posers. You need to know what you are doing. The lens is metal and has no automated parts whatsoever. Everything is manual. SO GANGSTA AWESOME!

Iborian Tees-009

Anyway, take a look into the photos that were taken on the day by Sam of Kipawa Photography and 2 members of the infamous crew from The Magic Lens Nimo and Migz. It was one amazing day. We had a blast shooting and the photos are just amazing!

Iborian Tees-004