Glow 2 Guys

It’s been a minute but I promise you only big things have been happening. It’s been a very exciting past couple of weeks and I’ve had some seriously awesome shoots with some seriously awesome people! I hope you’ve not missed me sana. I’m back if only for a minute to get you up to speed before I return to the cave from whence I came.




Been doing a lot of photos lately for a new magazine that’s coming out soon called L&S Magazine [Lively & Sexy – More on that later] so I’ve been hell-a busy. Anyway, here’s a project that I did before getting swamped with tons and tons of work.

The company’s name is Glow 2 Guys and they deal in glow-in-the-dark merchandise. From lipstick to whistles to t-shirts to necklaces to bracelets to shutter shades to bunny ears to shot glasses to ice cubes to nail polish…..I could go on for ages but I won’t. Instead, have a look at the really amazing photos we got by shooting in total darkness with the only light source being either the glowy stuff or the blacklight that I needed to get some of these shots.


PS: If you want to learn more about the Glow 2 Guys, visit their website or their Facebook Page and have a look. Also, you can call them or email them via the contacts below: