Le festival du fromage et du vin!

You’ll have to read the title of this post in a French accent otherwise you won’t get it 🙂 hehehe

I was at the Cheese and Wine festival at Impala the weekend before last and managed to get off a few clicks of the shutter. It was really not as fun as I thought it would be to have a “festival” of cheese and wine. Turns out it was only a gathering of some cheese and wine. Disappointing.

None the less, we turned it into a party [like we always do] and we had a blast. Mostly. 🙂 The wines that were there were pretty good…okay, I lied. They mostly sucked but the one company/vineyard that had a great selection of tasty wine, Jos Hansen E.A. Really good selection.

So here are the best of the photos, IMHO, so have a look and enjoy. You can see the rest of the photos on my Facebook Page here http://www.facebook.com/pikchaGUY

PS: Don’t NEVER buy/drink/order wine that has been prepared from grapes grown in the tropics, it SUCKS! Tastes like diesel fuel. South America, Central and East Africa…regions not meant to make wine. Sorry! :-O