Monthly Archive: September, 2012

My day at One FM

So the other day I was listening to my friend AdelleO on the radio and there was a little question about some lyrics and so on that I knew the answer to. Anyway,… Continue reading

Le festival du fromage et du vin!

You’ll have to read the title of this post in a French accent otherwise you won’t get it 🙂 hehehe I was at the Cheese and Wine festival at Impala the weekend before… Continue reading


I was helping out a friend of mine while he was shooting some videos for his show called nkt_NEWS and it was quite the experience. Cinematography is a very exciting form of art. You… Continue reading

The Unveiling….

Sounds like a horror movie title doesn’t it? Hehe, well that’s okay. So anyway, after thinking long and hard, I decided that I’ll use something a little older for my logo. I liked… Continue reading

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