Pulse Shoot – Shelmith

Hey people, hope you’re having a great day today and welcome to today’s post. I knoe It’s hard to believe, “3 posts in 3 days!” Incredible but true! Hehe 🙂 😀

This is a continuation from the last post [the link in case you missed it] of the portrait photos that I did two odd weeks ago.

This models name is Shelmith and she’s one of my favourite people to work with. She’s always 10 minutes early and she is ready to get down to work almost instantly. She also knows a thing or two about working the camera so here are her photos from the day.


And once again;  Tatiana [Make Up]; Suzzie [Hair] Jackie’s Jewels & Zureya B [Jewellery & Accessories] All this work, commissioned by Joogz Agencies