Things I can see from K.I.C.C. [Part Juan]

Hey, so you may or may not know that my hard disks recently (2 months ago) decided that I didn’t need what was stored on them and proceeded to get corrupted. Needless to say, I lost most of my data including almost all my photos that were turning into quite the body of work.

Anyway, this just meant that I now have to start over, more or less, with new work and new photos which at first was like “ah, man! I’m so not feeling it” then it hit me that I can start to do things differently. So this year I’ve been shooting as often as I can and I’m in the process of acquiring two 2 TB external drives to store my work in. Very important to have back ups in case your computer feels the urge to purge or a virus or something gets to your hard disks.

Which brings me to today’s post. I was at the holiday fair at Sarit 2 weeks ago and after that boring and mind numbing work covering that (you have to get paid right) I decided to go to KICC and take a gander at my fair city. I’ve seen a lot of photos taken from up there and frankly, they all resemble each other and are mostly boring. Other than a few of course. Anyway, here’s what I found at the top of the once tallest building in Kenya.

Have a look and enjoy.

Uhuru Park

Nyayo Stadium

and again, Nyayo Stadium and the National Park a.k.a. Kitengela in the horizon

Jomo Kenyatta’s mausoleum

The ‘rooftop’ pool at the Hilton

[That’s hardly off the ground! Tsk! Kenyans stop exaggerating]

Nairobi’s original Maasai Market. So colourful!

Ronald Ngala Street

The infamous Kencom building. I bet you’ve never looked at it like this before.

Nation Center

I think it’s called commercial, near where No. 9 matatus are in front of Tuskys

Hilton’s tower

Cooperative Bank House or ‘Bomb Blast’ as we call it in Nairobi

The bridge that goes across the railway station into the industrial estate

The clock tower at the “Vultures’ nest” as it were, Parliament…