Kitt and Matrin

Hey peeps, been gone for a minute but I’m back. Not to worry though as I have been working very hard [:-) hehe] to bring you some new images.

So, today’s post! My cousin [the pretty one] recently made a life commitment to a very good friend of mine, [the not so pretty one, lol. I keed Marto, I keed…] during a beautiful wedding ceremony in Limuru. They’ve been dating FOREVER so it was about time they got married. I did some photos for them a while back [2 years I think] and they turned out great. They also helped me grow as a photographer as I tried and tested various new techniques [to me at least] in photoshop and other editing suites. It was fun! :-O 😀

The wedding was simple, elegant and beautifully done. It was just sunny enough and just windy enough, needless to say, damn near perfect. These are from the photo session we had and some more. The photos are quite a number so today, I Le Pikchaguy decree, that there must be a gallery! 😐

Have a look, share, comment, like, dislike and most of all, enjoy the photos…

and of course, delicious muffins from The Muffin House, Nairobi

To view more pictures, go through the gallery below…