Zureya B – The Shoot [part 3 – Kabby]

This will be the final post of the Zureya B photos. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Next week, back to basics with Faith in front of my lens. Now to business.

Some of  you may have noticed, those of you who’ve visited my blog before, that i’ve started doing things a little differently this year. Well, that’s all for the benefit of you, the reader/viewer.

In an effort to, you know, make viewing my blog a little easier and more pleasurable, i’ve decided to reduce the use of galleries and instead post the photos directly. Also, you may notice that there are much less photos than usual. I’m not taking less photos, just posting the handful to reduce clutter and get straight to the point: Great Photography! (vote on this in the poll at the end of the post)

With that, here goes part 3 of the Zureya B posts: the gorgeous Kabby.

She may have arrived late but she was always going to be on time. Hehe. What’s that…cheesy you say? Well that’s because i kinda am cheesy. What of it? :-O

Anyway, Kabby’s photos