Zureya B – The Shoot [part 1 – Esther]

So lately I’ve been suffering from a lack of confidence in my own work partly because I’ve recently lost almost 90% of my photos due to hard disk failure (so sad), I’ve been working a lot lately (read: not shooting) and also because I know there’s still a long way for me to go. But you know what they say….

I am now back on the horse (no, it’s not a drug, figuratively) and here’s Zureya B’s shoot, one of my most recent shoots.

Zureya B is a fashion design company that deals with jewelery and clothes and this shoot was a mixture of product photography, portraits and a fashion shoot. There were 3 models, Esther, Beryl and Kabi and each was assigned a different theme. But you’re not here to hear me talk (or read me talk, more accurate) so here are the photos.

Enjoy part 1 that features the gorgeous Esther, who incidentally is also a tattoo artist! Don’t let her tat-less skin fool you, she knows her stuff…