B Yourself – Zureya B (B-hind the scenes)

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a shoot with a good friend of mine for her design company, Zureya B, to showcase some of their jewellery from the 2011-2012 collection. It was a great sunny Saturday and everyone was excited to get to work. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the day’s shoot. The shoot post will be coming to you in full on Friday.Esther getting dolled up...

Esther getting dolled up

The hair gets the full attention of the ladies…hey, i have hair too!

Martha, le make-up artiste!

So, what to do with this one? Hmmmm…

I know!

Martha at work, no jokes! Well, maybe some jokes…

Consultation for earrings and other girly stuff…

That’s not going to work Jordan!

Jordan working it like it was her day in front of the lens…

Iz best bro! (Eastern European accent)

Beryl getting her brief and jewels!

Legging us through the kanga!

Noooooo! Do it like this….

Uuuuuu! Shiny! 🙂

Kabi and her ______ lips…i’ll let you insert the appropriate adjective 😉

Listening to Jordan and her vision for the shoot.

We had some visitors…


Ps: I know I haven’t been here in ages so this is an apology for being lazy and distracted. I hope you enjoyed the post. Part 2 coming on Friday so look out for that.