Converse-ation in 「Tokyo」ときょお

This will be my longest post ever so I’ll get right to it:

  • Location : Akihabara Electronic District, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Date : Sometime in May 2010
  • Subject: Converse sneakers [more popular in Tokyo than in Nairobi it seems]

There were so many people with a pair of these on that for about 2 hours I went around snapping at the different sizes, colors, ages and even designs of the iconic Chuck Taylor and the resulting variants. Step into my latest post for about a month and  a half! (GASP! SOOOO LOOOONG!!!!!)

UPDATE: So after such a long hiatus, you’d think my latest post would be great, wouldn’t you? Well, I felt the same way and after some coercion from Annabella, I’ve reworked the “Converse-ation” post and I hereby give you CONVERSE 1.2