Need for speed! Vroooommm, pftshhhhh-ness (-_-)

Of the things I am passionate about (food, cars, photography, aviation, books….lol, i kid! BOOKS!?) the car has got to be my current obsession and is top on my wishlist. That or a motorbike. Matatus are a menace!

So anyway, of the cars that go bump in the night, Subaru do it pretty AWESOME! I had the chance to shoot a close friends Legacy 2.0 and i jumped at it. Then at the end of the shoot, my neighbor brought out GODZILLA!, the original beast, and I got some shots in my SD. Have a look and let me know what you think here (PikchaGUY’s Facebook) or here (PikchaGUY’s Twitter) or even in the comment section right on this page 🙂