Japan | My Second Home

So while I was going through some of my archives, I realized that I still have a whole load (we’re talking over 5,000 pictures) that I took when I bought my first DSLR [only DSLR so far :-)] and I’ve decided it’s time to shake things up a little on the blog.

Last year in April, I had the great pleasure of going to Japan for 28 days and that was an eye-opening experience for me to see how another culture lives and behaves. Needless to say, IT WAS AWESOME!!! So here are some shots that I took with the then new Canon T1i. Take a look and share with everyone you can. Also don’t be afraid of the comment box, just type in a few words leave your email address and click post.

PS: I’ll be doing a post from the Japan archivesfortnightly so keep an eye out for that.